Friday, June 13, 2008

A Close Call for a Crosslake Camper

(Crosslake) High winds caused a close-call for camper Dawn from the Twin Cities at the Corps of Engineers Campground in Crosslake. "I heard when the tree fell in the night," she said, noting an 18-inch diameter, 30-foot tall tree that lay on the ground roughly 20 feet from her campsite. The tree covered an access road, and fell amongst four campsites. Remarkably, no damage was done to people nor their belongings. At the water access, about 30 yards away, a section of dock appeared to have pulled away from the main dock--water was lapping over the dock, and there were still whitecaps on the lake. A fire and rescue person was at Dawn and company's campsite, helping them re-set their tents, and laying out their tarps to dry. Dawn's dog, Shadow, didn't mind the weather, and was playing happily with a sponge-football. When told that there was only a 40% chance of rain today, and asked what her plans were, Dawn, who visits Crosslake annually, said "Although this is the worst weather we've seen up here. . .we're staying until Sunday." Via phone-con Erick Swanson, of the Crosslake Police Department, confirmed that there were no reported weather-related human injuries from the Thursday night storms--just downed trees and power outages.

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Power Outages Due to High Winds

A couple of storms ripped through the northern portions of the K-Lakes' listening area last night, with winds as high as 50-70 miles per hour. According to Char Kinzer, spokeswoman for Crow Wing Power, there were two storms--one at about 8 pm, and a second at about 11 pm. The damage ran intermittently from Motley northeast to Emily. The nature of the damage was primarily due to high winds, although there was lightning as well. Kinzer mentioned that the soft, wet ground didn't help the situation, either. As of this morning, there were still a number of customers without power, but crews were working diligently--and would continue to do so until power was fully restored. Minnesota Power also experienced outages, particularly in the areas of Pillager, East Gull Lake, and Nisswa.

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Commissioner Paul Thiede Talks Politics. . .and Pay

Crow Wing County District 2 Commissioner Paul Thiede's position is not up for election this year, but in a conversation he mentioned some thoughts on politics. . .and pay. He said that our Founding Fathers never intended politicians to get rich on their pay--although our political environment has metamophosed into a climate in which people do pursue politics as a career. Commissioner Thiede enjoys his position, and is very proud of the productiveness of the current Crow Wing County board. He said the pay the board receives is, to the best of his knowledge, not out of line with what other county boards earn. He also noted that because the seats on the board are elected positions, its not uncommon to have people who report to them earn three to four times more than the board members do--and that when you consider they have in excess of 400 people responsible to them it keeps it all in perspective.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Firearms Safety Course offered through DNR

Nikki Schoutz, DNR Conservation Officer, says that a local Firearms Safety Course (with certificate upon completion) is being offered June 23-27, with Range Day being on the Saturday, June 28th. If you know someone who's interested in taking the course (adults welcome, as well), call Bruce Edgeberg at 218-963-2380.

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12A Candidate David Allan Pundt and Economy Stimulation

Republican endorsed candidate David Allan Pundt, who is running against Democratic incumbent John Ward for the House in District 12A said he and fellow Republicans are examining the concept of repealing the Personal Income Tax required by the State of Minnesota. He mentioned that other states, including Florida, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Texas have no state income tax, and their economies are floushing--especailly their small businesses. Pundt also mentioned that, if elected, he plans to cut spending, stream-line government, and likely have in increase in consumption taxes.

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Cheif Executive Melanie Benjamin gets Re-elected

Chief Executive, Melanie Benjamin, of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe was re-elected to a third four-year term, yesterday, according to the Brainerd Dispatch. She defeated former Cheif Executive Marge Anderson. Benjamin says her main issues include protecting the tribe for future generations, educating children, and ensuring a healthy community.

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Recycling Tips

As you know, K-Lakes and Crow Wing Power are "Going Green"! Doug Morris, Waste Management Director for Crow Wing County explains that our local recyclers want paper/cardboard presented in one of two ways--either "Single Sort", which means paper/cardboard can be in one container, with the recycler addressing the recycling at their own Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The other way is that they like the recycling materials already separated prior to their pick-up. He mentioned, in particular, that pizza boxes cannot be recycled, as they typically contain food. In Crow Wing County, Brainerd, Baxter, and Breezy Point have curb-side recycling pick- up. For more information on recycling, you can call 218-828-4392.

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