Friday, April 1, 2011

A Vikes' Stadium Bill is Planned for Next Week

(AP)  The Vikings team has posted a letter from State Rep. Morrie Lanning and Sen. Julie Rosen on their website saying that a bill for a new Vikings stadium is planned for next week.  The legislators also said the bill is second to State budget problems, but is still an urgent matter.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Secretary of State, Ritchie, in D.C. Today

(AP)  Testimony will be given today by Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie--one of two Secretaries testifying before Congress about voter turnout.  The hearings will be going over the 2010 elections.  According to Ritchie, he plans to talk about changes in military and absentee voting.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

State Patrol To Hold District-Wide Saturation

Troopers in the St. Cloud State Patrol District are holding a district-wide enforcement saturation on Thursday, April seventh. Captain Al Kutz said, “Every trooper, supervisor and investigator scheduled to work on April seventh will be on the road aggressively enforcing the Ted Foss Move-Over law.” Kutz added, “Too many troopers are getting hit on our highways because drivers are not slowing down or moving over. We will try to gain compliance of this important law through strict enforcement.”

The State Patrol wants to remind motorists what the law actually requires of them. In part, the law states, “When approaching and before passing an authorized emergency vehicle with its emergency lights activated that is parked or otherwise stopped on or next to a street or highway having two lanes in the same direction, the driver of a vehicle shall safely move the vehicle to the lane farthest away from the emergency vehicle, if it is possible to do so.” The law also states in part that, “When there are more than two lanes in the same direction, the driver of a vehicle shall safely move the vehicle so as to leave a full lane vacant between the driver and any lane in which the emergency vehicle is completely or partially parked or otherwise stopped, if it is possible to do so.” If a vehicle occupies that lane and moving over is not possible, motorists must slow down before passing the emergency vehicle.

Motorists are also reminded that the same law applies to highway service vehicles, road maintenance vehicles as well as tow trucks when any of these vehicles are parked on a roadway with their flashing lights on. Slowing down ahead of time is not only required by Minnesota law, but it is a great idea not to wait until the last minute to slow down or move over for any hazard. On two lane roads, motorists need to slow down, be prepared to stop, and then go around the scene when it is safe to do so. Citations for violation of this law are costing drivers around 137 dollars. It is also a moving violation that goes on the motorist’s driving record.

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Dayton Plans to Veto Bill from House Raising Per Pupil Payments

(AP)  A bill has passed the Minnesota House that would increase the per-pupil payments to schools.  Democrats believe Governor Mark Dayton will veto the Republican-sponsored legislation because it contains policy changes he does not support.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mississippi is Expected to Crest Tomorrow

(AP)  The crest of the Mississippi is expected tomorrow at St. Paul, though, in some other towns, the crest came early.  The crest of the South Fork of the Crow River at Delano began dropping on Sunday.  The crest of the Minnesota River near New Ulm was expected today, but the waters started to back down from their crest yesterday.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

CWC Sheriff Dahl Says to "Check Up" on Those Wide Turns

Crow Wing County Sheriff,  Todd Dahl, tells KLKS News that drivers need to be more mindful of their turns when driving.  He said that many drivers are in the habit of swinging left to go right, and visa versa.  He said that although there are likely violations taking place, more alarmingly, it's possible to cross into the path of another moving vehicle and create a fender-bender, or worse.  Bottom-line, stay in your lane while turning.  Additonally, Sheriff Dahl mentioned that care should still be taken near corners/intersections with snow piles because, although they are dwindling quickly, they create a natural barrier for proper visual assessment of on-coming traffic.

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