Friday, June 13, 2008

A Close Call for a Crosslake Camper

(Crosslake) High winds caused a close-call for camper Dawn from the Twin Cities at the Corps of Engineers Campground in Crosslake. "I heard when the tree fell in the night," she said, noting an 18-inch diameter, 30-foot tall tree that lay on the ground roughly 20 feet from her campsite. The tree covered an access road, and fell amongst four campsites. Remarkably, no damage was done to people nor their belongings. At the water access, about 30 yards away, a section of dock appeared to have pulled away from the main dock--water was lapping over the dock, and there were still whitecaps on the lake. A fire and rescue person was at Dawn and company's campsite, helping them re-set their tents, and laying out their tarps to dry. Dawn's dog, Shadow, didn't mind the weather, and was playing happily with a sponge-football. When told that there was only a 40% chance of rain today, and asked what her plans were, Dawn, who visits Crosslake annually, said "Although this is the worst weather we've seen up here. . .we're staying until Sunday." Via phone-con Erick Swanson, of the Crosslake Police Department, confirmed that there were no reported weather-related human injuries from the Thursday night storms--just downed trees and power outages.

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