Friday, October 15, 2010

'Tis Deer-Car Conflict Time of the Year

Fall is a time of movement and migration for many of Minnesota’s wildlife species. White-tailed deer, which maintain an annual home range of about one square mile, increase their daily movements and become more active during this time of year.

The shortening days of fall also trigger a whitetails’ reproductive cycle with the peak of breeding coming during the first two weeks of November. As bucks begin to search for receptive females, they may separate the male fawn of the year from its mother. Yearling bucks, participating in their first breeding season, may move many miles from their home range.

“All of this natural white-tailed deer movement increases the number of deer crossing highways,” said Col. Jim Konrad, DNR Enforcement director. “This in turn increases the chances for motorists to strike deer.”

The DNR encourages motorists to increase be observant because a deer standing calmly in a field may suddenly jump into the road; anticipate the potential for this rapid change.

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