Thursday, May 8, 2008

Paul Bunyan's Bobber Search - Clue #3:

I had better get my axe sharpened before the Fishing Opener. Do you know of any good hardware stores in town? I might need to clear some trees, so I have a good spot to sit and fish from.

Old Notorious Nate, the Walleye sounds pretty tasty for lunch. Boy, Sourdough Sam, our camp cook, sure can make some good grub but I'm getting tired of eatin' bean soup. He fed us bean soup all winter because the wagon with the pork and beans went through East Twin Lake, so he built fires along the shore and boiled the lake to make bean soup. I heard that Lakes Latte has good grub. Do they have some of Nate's cousins on their menu? I like mine cooked though.

Babe is a big eater too, especially after he's been helping me haul wood and straightenin' roads all day. Highway 11 used to be like a corkscrew, but Babe has done a fine job of pullin' it straight! He'll usually chew up 30 bales of hay, wire and all, for a snack in the mornin'. He'd eat a ton of grain for lunch and then pester Sourdough Sam for leftovers.

How's looking for my bobber going? I wish that Babe and Besse wouldn't have tossed it so far. They play like they're a couple of pups!

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