Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Paul Bunyan Bobber Hunt: Clue #2:

When I was a little tike my Ma had me sleep in a logging wagon. But, whenever I rolled over I knocked down the trees for miles around. So, she decided that I needed to sleep on a boat on Sibley Lake. She'd kiss me goodnight from the landing and give me a push to the middle of the lake. My Ma would make 74 buckets of oatmeal with 5 gallons of maple syrup on it and 14 gallons of milk for me every morning. I wonder if A-Pine has good oatmeal? My Pa made wooden boots for me when I got to be a toddler. My feet grew so fast that he had to make a new pair every day. Maybe Dean at Expressions has my size, 42EEEEEEEE. Babe grew so big that 42 axe handles plus a plug of tobacco could fit between his eyes. One morning when he was a youngun, I woke up and Babe and his barn were gone! I found him in the woods east of Pequot Lakes. He grew so fast during the night that he plum bust through the sides of his barn and it was stuck on top of him. He was runnin' through the woods trying to knock it off. He and I sure get into some predicaments! Have you had any luck finding my bobber yet?

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