Monday, May 5, 2008

Paul Bunyan Bobber Hunt - Clue No. 1

Monday, May 5th

My first bobber is in the middle of town in Pequot Lakes. It's 60' wide and was made for me by Ole, the Big Swede. I gave it to the city of Pequot Lakes because they needed a water tower during the drought. The bobber that Babe and Besse, The Yeller Cow, lost is red/white and has the Brainerd Lakes Chamber Logo on it. You know, that Chamber building in Pequot Lakes is a neat place to visit. I heard that Bob Uppgaard brought in a 13 lb. Walleye that he caught with a Sunfish hook on a 4 lb. test line for everyone to look at. That fish sounds like it might have been Notorious Nate's little cousin. Good job, Bob! I remember the time when Nate got away...I caught him on Whitefish in Moonlight Bay. Nate fought so hard that he jumped out of Whitefish and into Pelican Lake. That's why I was so giddy with joy when I heard that the Governor's Fishing Opener was going to be on Pelican Lake and Breezy Point Resort this year because old Nate is going to be mine!

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