Thursday, May 8, 2008

Paul Bunyan Bobber Hunt Clue #4:

Have you heard that a statue of Babe is coming to town? Some of Guenther's high school art kids painted it. That Guenther sure looks like one of my lumberjack buddies! Of course, that painted ox is no where near the size as the real Babe.

Babe is so big that the camp laundryman would use Babe's horns to hang the laundry on for drying. It would dry lickety-split because of all the wind blowing around above the tree line.

Babe's been in a foul mood lately though. Some of the baling wire from all of the hay bales that he's been eatin' has gotten stuck in his teeth. I heard that Doc Sherman is a pretty good dentist. I wonder if he wouldn't mind giving a look see in Babe's mouth. I sure hope that Babe's been brushing his teeth. Have you ever smelled an oxe's breath? Whewey!! It can get pretty potent! I'm wonderin' what's tall enough that Doc Sherman can stand on?

While you're lookin' for my bobber give a look about for somethin' tall. Le me know what you find.

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