Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Muskies Kept out of Two Brainerd Lakes

The Minnesota DNR will stock Muskies in Roosevelt Lake in northern Crow Wing County and the Sauk River chain of lakes in Stearns County southwest of St. Cloud this fall in response to growing angler interest.

Fisheries Management Chief Dirk Peterson calls the move a positive step consistent with the long-range management plan for muskie and northern pike.

However, muskies will not be stocked this fall in three other lakes the DNR was considering. Upper and Lower South Long lakes near Brainerd will not be considered further for muskie management. Stocking in Lake Tetonka west of Waterville has been put on hold indefinitely pending resolution of local issues.

Tim Goeman, northeast regional fisheries supervisor says Minnesota's top preditor fish were suitable for the two Brainerd lakes, however, there are public access issues that raise public safety concerns.  He also says their combined 2,100 surface acres also would not meet muskellunge fishing demand in the Brainerd area, so the DNR will continue to look for a larger, yet-to-be-identified lake for future consideration.

Muskie anglers are the fastest-growing segment of Minnesota’s fishing population. About 14 percent of Minnesota's licensed anglers target muskie.

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