Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Members of the Citizens Concerned About School Taxation group, the only organized and visible group to oppose last week's Brainerd Schools levy referendum has some ideas to help the school board balance the budget. Spokesman Marv Begin read a letter to the board at Tuesday's meeting and suggested that members take back teacher and administrator wage hikes for the next two years, and get a better handle on early retirement. Begin told the Brainerd Dispatch he knows retired people in their mid-50s making $52,000 a year. "It's no wonder you can't budget the money," Begin read. The C-CAST letter also suggested letting three or four members tour the school now and then. The letter also urged board members not to close schools in the northeast section of Brainerd because closing buildings there will demonstrate "that you don't care about the children or people, just money." The board didn't discuss C-CAST's letter and will talk about budget cuts at a meeting on Wednesday, November 14. The board also approved a trip to Germany for teacher Dave Pritschet and nine students. The students pay for the trip themselves. Brainerd School's levy referendum failed by more than 3,300 votes or nearly 62% of those voting. Voter turnout was higher than normal, 57%.

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At November 14, 2007 at 10:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note that not all Mr. Begin's suggestions are legal. For example, a Minnesota School Board cannot change the employee negotiation laws enacted by the Minnesota Legislature in order to change contracts with its personnel


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